February 28, 2013: Shauna Rampley “How I Learned to Laugh at Myself!”

Shauna color 004 web  “Can you laugh at and with yourself?”

  Do you appreciate the humorous aspect of human behavior – especially your own?  Laughter is one of the most effective ways of increasing your energy and responding to life’s ongoing challenges in a positive manner.  Some people naturally see the humor in life, and others must somehow learn that lesson along their life path.

Shauna Rampley is the managing partner of Soaring Eagle Institute, a training & consulting company. She specializes in leadership & team development, conflict management, change management and possibility thinking.  Shauna has helped thousands of people in dozens of organizations learn to respond to and cope with modern workplace issues with more skill and ease.

On the personal side, Shauna is aging in a world that values youth, and as she copes with a chronic debilitating disease (rheumatoid arthritis), she faces change on a daily basis. She finds that her sense of humor and her ability to laugh at and with herself is one of the best tools in her toolkit.