April 25th, 2013: ‘Mentor Me, Mentor You’

MBJ Headshot Angie Key1 Merv Jersak

An Independent Consultant, specializing in establishing Project management Offices for oversight of large computer system implementations… His career has spanned 30 years of consulting, and Merv Jersak has been involved in projects ranging in cost from $250,000 to over $200 million. Prior to becoming an independent, he worked for several notable companies: SHL Systemhouse, BDM International, and Deloitte Consulting.

He is especially proud that in his selected industry women and men are treated equally, are paid equally, and have equal career opportunity. As a member of many high performing teams over the life of his career, he is well aware of the power of mentoring and mentoring’s contribution to this equality of opportunity. Even today, as a “single shingle” consultant, he has sought out and developed a group of trusted advisors to continue to mentor him in all aspects of his business. He returns their investment in him by mentoring others as well.

  • Are you a mentor of others?
  • Do you have knowledge, skills, and experience that you can pass on? Are you taking advantage of others’ offers to mentor you?
  • Have you asked a colleague or respected friend to mentor you?

These and other questions that you may have will be the topic of Merv’s presentation: “Mentor Me, Mentor You”.

Merv lives in Albuquerque with his wife Brenda. They have two daughters, both married and living locally. Their pride and joy are their two granddaughters aged 5 years and 1 year.