ABWA La Luz Chapter, Albuquerque, NM

Dec. 19 – ABWA – Education, SBMEF and APEX

Come celebrate and bring
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Our Holiday meeting includes MyChelle Andrews for Scholarship overview and Apex benefits

Mychelle AndrewsAn IT professional, MyChelle Andrews understands the value of continuing education.  As a leader and mentor for business women in Albuquerque, she spends endless hours encouraging them to reach beyond their comfort zone, take the next steps on their own leadership path, and develop meaningful business plans and budgets.

She knows the importance of leading by example, and takes advantage of every growth opportunity available through the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA), Toastmasters and the New Mexico National Speakers Association.   The secret to her success—“Take advantage of all the opportunities available. It is through participation that you grow as a person, a leader and a business woman.”

Sharing her passion, positive attitude and positive energy, MyChelle connects with her audience to inspire and motivate them to achieve the success they dream of.  As an IT professional, MyChelle has built a successful career in the male-dominated field and she especially enjoys speaking with young women on the endless possibilities of their own success.

MyChelle actively supports ABWA and wants members to know that ABWA is looking for leaders at the local and national level.  By participating in leadership opportunities, women not only take advantage of an opportunity for personal growth, but also have a chance to expand their professional network.  Becoming active as a leader in ABWA is a great way for women to not only develop leadership, organization, training and speech skills through hands-on experience, it is also a great way for them to give back to ABWA.  Members find that it is definitely worth the commitment, whether serving at the local or national level.

In 2012, MyChelle received her Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification, which is considered a Best Practice for Information Management.  In her more than two decades in the profession, she has seen a rapid evolution in both the industry and how technology integrates into peoples’ lives. In her current position as Data Architect for the City of Albuquerque, she is responsible for the Business Intelligence information available to the citizens of Albuquerque and city employees.

In her personal and professional life, mentoring plays an important part of her daily activities.  Whether she is talking to her nephew about his goals for 4-H and school, sharing her experience with her co-workers, or helping friends practice for an upcoming interview, MyChelle is always there.

MyChelle and her husband Kris have started a new company, Nerds For a Cause.  Drawing on their over 60 years combined experience as “nerds,” they work together with non-profit organizations to raise awareness, funds and followers in the nerd community through their T-shirt campaigns.  Each campaign spotlights a new non-profit, has limited edition t-shirts and contributes $5 per T-shirt sold to the non-profit.  By tapping into this community, they are connecting nerds with causes to make a difference in the world.  Check out their website at www.nerdsforacause.com and sign-up to receive information on upcoming campaigns.

As a corporate leader and an entrepreneur, MyChelle shares her unique insights into business, relationships and community through her training and keynote speaking.

MyChelle has been a member of ABWA’s La Luz chapter in Albuquerque, New Mexico, since November 2006, and was elected the 2012–2013 National Secretary-Treasurer by the national membership.  In 2010 she was selected as one of the 2011 Top Ten Business Women in ABWA.   MyChelle has served on the La Luz Board of Directors as President and Vice-President, Chair of the New Mexico Area Council and Chair of the New Mexico Fiesta and as the 2011–2012 District VI Vice President.

MyChelle joined Toastmasters at Technology Ventures Corporation (TVC) in Albuquerque in 2011.  Since joining, she has earned her competent communicator (CC) designation and her competent leader (LC) designation.  Toastmasters is just one more way MyChelle is honing her communication and leadership skills.

In 2012 MyChelle was honored to receive the New Mexico Technology Council’s New Mexico Women in Technology Award.  The Women in Technology award recognizes exceptional women in New Mexico who are working in a technology field and who encourage other women to pursue careers and leadership roles in technology.

MyChelle attributes her rewarding and satisfying life to the love and support of Kris, her husband since 1986.