Maximize Results – Your Proactive Mindset

There are many elements and variables in a single day. The key is to recognize what you control, what you do not control, and take action where you can to affect the kind of outcome you would like to see. If things are not in your control then it is important to remain focused on the higher goal:

Your Proactive Mindset.

Keri Stewart founded Results 4 Business, Inc. She invests in the success of your business by developing leaders who plan and become easier to follow, implementing caring customer service programs & instilling accountability for employee/sales professionals to become more productive. She is a Results Coach leveraging assessments, training and coaching for individuals and teams.

Keri’s passions impact companies’ bottom line and she begins with three areas:

1. Focus
2. Accountability
3. Results

What do you want more of? How can I help you maximize results?
Keri’s background includes employment with Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper of Albuquerque, Northwestern Mutual Financial Services, DeLaPorte and Associates, Prudential Overall Supply, SignArt of New Mexico and Norrell Temporary Services.