Aug 25 – The C-Spot: How to Spark Your

speaker, author and personal presence expert for women Confidence, Charisma and Connection to Stand Out and Generate More Cash-Flow

Presented by
Michelle Baca

During this session you will learn how to develop a magnetic presence and energy that will “light you up” and attract the right people and clients into your life. You will learn how to develop the ability to spark your own enthusiasm and motivate yourself to achieve personal and financial success.

You will learn to:

  • Get clear about what you want and make decisions that you feel good about and move forward with confidence
  • Prevent self-doubt, indecisiveness and procrastination from sabotaging your success
  • Protect yourself from the negativity of others so that you no longer feel like you are at the mercy of other people and outside conditions
  • Communicate with confidence, conviction and connectedness so that your clients resonate with you and believe that you can help them achieved their desired results
  • Spark your enthusiasm, creativity, charisma and drive so that you are motivated to effectively accomplish your personal and professional goals

When you are clear, confident and connected to your purpose and to other people, you will command attention, produce your best work and project the kind of energy that will keep you engaged and produce positive results.


Michelle Baca is a speaker, author and personal presence expert for women who want to communicate with clarity, compassion, power and impact. She helps entrepreneurs promote themselves and their services with confidence by helping them reduce nervousness, anxiety and self-consciousness around public speaking. She helps her clients develop a magnetic presence so that they can attract the right kind of attention and clients so that they can make more money and make more of an impact.