Negotiation Skills for Women – Oct 27

Katie K Snapp calls herself a “skirt strategist”, empowering women to lead and succeed.

Speaking in a savvy and confident way can get you a lot — stronger partnerships, firmer agreements, and even a higher salary or a performance bonus for your hard work. So why do women suddenly talk themselves out of it? We become paralyzed by not wanting to sound boastful or arrogant, and want to be that ideal team player.

Join us to learn the key mindsets and the critical techniques in standing up for yourself, whether in a casual exchange or a formal negotiation talk.

“I love working with women because we do things differently.
This gives us the opportunity to go at work situations more naturally, using our own feminine voice, and leveraging our most authentic assets.”

Her second book Brave Transitions: A Woman’s Guide to Maintaining Composure through Changes In Work and Life, was released in 2014 and serves as a platform for her work with women defining their story as one of grace and intention.

Among her efforts for advancing women is her initiating and designing the Women’s Leadership Certificate course at UNM’s Anderson School of Management, where she delivers the course with several of her colleagues.