Jan 26 – Creating Winning Cultures

Join us for this great topic for groups that need to produce results, need to work together or want to dream big.

Ben Thomson holds a Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology and is a Certified Martial Art Instructor. He loves to walk his three-legged dog Nikolai in the hills of Santa Fe, New Mexico, enjoy a good beer, and write.

He is the author of The Remarkable Self: A Manual for the New Leader and uses his knowledge of psychology and martial arts to bring teams to higher levels of performance.

Philanthropically, Ben’s endeavors include working with school-age children as a life-skills coach helping them people prepare for the challenges of the real world; as a certified Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance® instructor helping older adults in his community prevent accidental injury and death from falls and is currently the Board President of the Santa Fe Healthcare Network and an active member of the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce.