June 22 Success is 99% Attitude

Michelle-Tabacchi, speaker June 2017Michelle Tabacchi (Ta-BA-Kee) is the controller for Aquila and has been with the company in some capacity since 1997.  She earned her BS/BM from University of Phoenix in 2006 and will complete her MBA Essentials from University of Kansan School of Business Center for Management Education. This is a program sponsored through the American Business Women’s Association by attending National Conferences.

She is extremely happily married to her exceptionally patient husband Tony and together they have six girls of the four legged furry kind.  As you can imagine, their hobbies are dog rescue first and here lately American Road Camper Rescue – Follow us on .  You are sure to get a few good laughs as did we.

Her mantra: Success is 99% attitude.   This should help inspire everyone to achieve a winning attitude while she presents Community Connections.