Aug 24 Double Header Topics

We have a double hitter presentation! Team speakers and a discussion leader.

Believing in yourself and starting your own business.
Creators of

Rachel Yarrington is the founder and innovator of Ponatos

Rachel Yarrington

Rachel Yarrington is the founder and innovator of Ponatos.

She is a mother of four very active young children. Rachel is currently pursuing a master’s degree in mental health counseling at UNM. She has a bachelors degree in Fine Arts and a minor in Psychology.

When asked where she is from, Rachel replies that she is from the USA. Her father was an Army officer so Rachel has lived from coast to coast and in between.

She has lived in Albuquerque for five years and has quickly discovered the hidden beauties and deep cultural roots of New Mexico.

Abigail Soward

Abigail Soward

Abigail Soward is a junior at the University of New Mexico where she is studying computer science. She spent this past summer in Maryland for an internship in FINRA’s information security department.

One of her passions is using technology in creative ways to solve everyday problems. When she is not coding, she enjoys swing dancing and perfecting her sourdough bread recipe.

What do you want from your ABWA membership?

Discussion led by: Kelli Livermore, a native New Mexican has lived in the Albuquerque area most of her life. She currently lives in Tijeras Canyon.

Kelli earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from the University of New Mexico. For many years, she served as an Organizational Development consultant, serving executives, managers, supervisors, and employees to implement change in the workplace. As a certified mediator, she mediated conflicts between teams, between team members, and between supervisors/managers and their direct reports. She built teams, coached managers, supervisors, and employees, and formulated and implemented strategy in collaboration with internal change agents. She has served as a Chair for various colleges and programs since taking a full-time position with University of Phoenix, New Mexico Campus. Currently, she serves as Program Chair for School of Business.

SURPRISE! Save the Date

For our Annual Board SURPRISE!

Thursday, July 27th at 6:00pm

Chama River Brewing Co.

4939 Pan American West Fwy NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
(505) 342-1800

Why:          To thank our members and celebrate all our accomplishments and friendships!

June 22 Success is 99% Attitude

Michelle-Tabacchi, speaker June 2017Michelle Tabacchi (Ta-BA-Kee) is the controller for Aquila and has been with the company in some capacity since 1997.  She earned her BS/BM from University of Phoenix in 2006 and will complete her MBA Essentials from University of Kansan School of Business Center for Management Education. This is a program sponsored through the American Business Women’s Association by attending National Conferences.

She is extremely happily married to her exceptionally patient husband Tony and together they have six girls of the four legged furry kind.  As you can imagine, their hobbies are dog rescue first and here lately American Road Camper Rescue – Follow us on .  You are sure to get a few good laughs as did we.

Her mantra: Success is 99% attitude.   This should help inspire everyone to achieve a winning attitude while she presents Community Connections.